Well, y’all already know about the drama over the weekend

Glad we finally got that resolved – it’s been hanging over us since Thanksgiving. Jan, thanks for the suggestion to get him to write stuff down. He loves his Excel spreadsheets but isn’t much of a “write out plans or goals” sort of guy. We actually are supposed to go through an exercise where we each write out goals for 2014 so that we can work on them, and mine is just about done but he said he hasn’t started his. Not sure how to gently encourage him to do that without it sounding like nagging. The written payment plan sure seemed to make a difference over the weekend, so maybe I’ll nudge a little harder on the 2014 plans topic.

I guess in other “homework” news I’m pleased to say that book sales are starting to roll, even before the print version is ready for prime time. Two of my priorities this week are to a) finish the print version so it goes up for sale, and b) to formally launch the book’s marketing plan. That will entail a lot of letters to various agricultural organizations and magazines, to make them aware of the book, ask them to review it and/or list it amongst their resources for new poultry owners. Getting that marketing plan finalized and launched will be about as much work as writing the book was, but it will mostly be one large up-front effort then ease off. So I’m looking forward to getting that done this week.

Thanks again, all, for your encouragement over the weekend. We haven’t had a big blow-out fight like that one in a long time. Hope we don’t have another one for a long time. “Never” works for me.