Thanks for all the best wishes

Things have definitely improved. DH reviewed the payment plans I came up with, and I guess he just really hadn’t thought about how long we’d be making payments, if we went with the minimal payments he’d originally preferred. Sometimes having stuff laid out on paper can be a reality check, even though we think we’ve done the math in our head. So we’re going with a middle-of-the-road approach, working with a three-month payback plan. That was faster/more than he wanted, slower/less than I wanted, so it was a pretty good compromise. And I think the landlord will go for it. That’s a big chunk of change to come in each month for the next three months as far as the landlord is concerned, and then we’ll be square again.

A lot of stuff went sorta wrong in 2013, even though we had more farm sales than any previous year. We missed several important harvest dates such that our costs went way up. Some of that was lack of planning, some was lack of follow-through, some just Murphy. So we also talked about how to ensure that we didn’t make those mistakes again, and/or how to apply some Murphy repellent to our operation. We’re scaling back a little bit so that we can do what we’re already doing, better. We’re also focusing on what we know will bring in money, or save money, rather than trying a spattering of things which sound good but don’t pay off. We’ve got some solid product streams figured out and now we really need to hammer on the marketing end to ensure we sell everything we produce. So now I feel like we’re on a constructive path again, figuring out how to make things work better in 2015, rather than harping on each other for mistakes made in the past. That’s definitely an improvement.

Today also happened to start the 2015 kidding season, with the arrival of a nice healthy little goat kid, after an easy delivery. That always helps my mood. Maybe I should name her Millie. Maybe tonight I’ll finally be able to sleep without having bad/disturbing dreams about all this stuff.