October is traditionally a very tight financial month for us for numerous reasons

so other than the snowball payments I didn’t make much progress on advancing our cc payoff (just $70 extra). February should be considerably better, but a lot of that will depend on how Jellybean fairs after his surgery. I don’t keep a whole lot in our vet emergency fund, so I may end up hitting some of the money earmarked for payoff for the Little Chase bill in Feb, here’s hoping all goes well.
On the vacation planning front we have ordered in our state travel brochures from the various states we plan on visiting and they have started rolling in. We’ll order the ones from AAA later this month when they have the 2014 ones in hand.
We also decided to go the northern route to WDW and the southern route coming home. Believe it or not that is a major decision where campgrounds and such are considered.
No extra paid on the mortgage yet because we are still working on the cc debt.
That’s how we are doing so far on our 3 annual goals