I should have known that

we’d hit a Murphy week (sort of) when we went out shopping last weekend and did a major grocery shopping to the tune of over $400. That of course included pet food and all the basics like flour and sugar—but we forgot the toilet paper. What were we thinking? It was even on both the Sam’s and the Wal-Mart list and yet all 3 of us missed it. Even worse, we have been to the store since then and forgot it AGAIN! Luckily I had a back up supply in the camper. LOL!
Monday ds truck died in rush hour traffic in the middle of an intersection. Dh got it started again before they got hit, but he and ds have been having this problem on and off for a few months now. So Friday it went into the shop. Some of the repairs the guys can and will do, but most would require more expertise than they have. Luckily ds had his emergency fund well funded because all the work is going to come to around $1,200. He said it actually felt pretty good to be able to tell them without hesitation to repair it at that price, and know he could pay for it with cash from the truck repair fund he had established.
Tuesday night I went to make a middle of the night call to the bathroom and stepped in the middle of a cold water puddle. At first I thought “blank cats”, but then realized that both our cats in the bedroom suite never go in the floor. Started checking and the water was from the bathroom sink. We put a bucket under the drain and dh tore it apart Friday afternoon. We got the parts today and my bathroom should be back to normal by tonight. We too were happy to have a household repair emergency fund, although the parts weren’t that much five years ago it would have had me very upset and using a charge card for payday loans for bad credit. Sunday evening we were watching tv as a family, each of us with a cat in our lap, well ds had one in his lap and one on his shoulder. Jellybean, our 11 year old tabby grey was in my lap, he started slipping and I automatically grabbed his hind quarters to scoot him back up. The scream of pain he let out terrified everyone, both human and animal, in the room.
He immediately found all 3 of us pouring over him trying to figure out what happened. It was then we noticed the tip of his tail was missing. I immediately got very upset because I knew exactly when it had happened. Wednesday! I had been carrying a heavy bundle in through the back door and he scooted past me. The screen closed strangely and he whirled around to look at it. Never made a sound. I looked at his tail then and it looked fine. But I just glanced at it. We later discovered what I had been seeing was the long fur from further up his tail hanging down.
Even worse, we’ve been seeing that little black tuff on the back stairs and wondering what it was, but since we have outdoor farm dogs we all thought rabbit or something similar. It was his tail tip.
Not once until Sunday when I bumped it had he indicated anything was wrong. Ds checked the tail closely and discovered under the long tail fur that was hanging down over it there were two segments of bone showing. Jellybean is scheduled for surgery in about 2 hours to get that removed. Murphy will get between $200 and $300 on that, but again we have it in the pet emergency fund.
Our biggest concern on Jellybean right now is his age, he’s 11 and they are going to have to knock him out to do the surgery. Doc says for 11 Jelly is in very good physical shape, although he is nearly blind, and he thinks he will do fine. Anyway we go the exposed bone has to be removed and we don’t want it done with him awake! Prayers for my old boy would be appreciated. His Mama Amy Jo is wandering around looking for him. Those two are very co-dependent.
Ds did his taxes on Sunday and discovered he owes around $120 all total to state and Fed. Not bad considering the vast jump in his income. Wish we’d get off that easily, but I don’t think we will. Dh has mentioned doing ours this week.
Snow hit on Saturday night, and ds is telecommuting today while dh takes one of the vacation days he must take by 3/31 or lose it. With the trip to the vet, and the plumbing parts needed it seemed like a good day for him to “vacation”.
The car repair place just called and the mechanic that was suppose to do ds’ truck took a snow day, so it will be tomorrow before it will be ready. That complicates matters a bit because ds has class tomorrow night and I won’t have a way to go get the truck, or Jellybean if he has to stay overnight at Doc B’s. We’ll work it all out, it’s just Murphy trying to get us.
Millie moments were small this week, but they were there and that is all that counts.